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Our CBD comes from New Age Hemp, which is grown and cultivated by farmers in Arkansas & throughout the United States.

We've taken our famous cotton candy and   infused it with this incredible plant. Enjoy!


mgallant007 I received this @natural_state_cbd_cotton_candy in my March @hempcrateco box and it is sooo yummy. Well, it tastes and feels just like cotton candy. If you need your sugar fix I would highly recommend this. There is no icky after-taste, however, if you are really sensitive to tastes like me, I did get a smidgen of tartness, but the sweetness really compensates that. #cbd #cbdedibles #cbdcottoncandy #cbdcandy #hempcrateco #lifeisstillgreat

sarrah79 I got a little too excited for my @hempcrateco box and forgot to do an unboxing video before I dove in. I love the honey sticks for my tea, and the tea is one of my favorites! CBDMD is my favorite oil out of all I have tried - I am excited to try the mint! I need to buy some of the Dr. Norm's chocolate chip cookies, they are delish! I used the mask Friday night and it was the perfect start to my weekend!! COTTON CANDY...OMG I cannot wait to try it!! I love the hypnotic swirl pops as well!! It was hard not to go through the whole box in one night. for subscriptions and the store. I also included their most recent CBD 101 posts.

mistyschaedig Omgeeeeee CBD cotton freaking candy! These guys know my love language!!!! Thanks Ryan!!!!! @hempcrateco #hempcrate #holycrap


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